Touch of Color

So what do you think?  Maybe blue curtains would be nice, it would give a touch of color, brighten the place a little.

20 years later….

curtain and wall


2 thoughts on “Touch of Color”

  1. They do a good job of brightening up the place.

    Your post gave me a funny thought, if a group of UE folks spent a day sprucing up an abandoned place (with free or easy to acquire materials). Make-shift curtains, sweep up some of the rooms, maybe even add a coat of paint in one room for fun. On the outside boarded-up windows, paint scenes on the boards of what’s going on inside (or paint a cross-hatch window on the board). 🙂


    1. Get outta my brain!
      I’ve thought about it a few times, it would be a fun project in a few places, but you’d need a pretty big team, and boy howdy would it ever mess with brains of the next people to come through!


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