Welcome to Mahencha Photography.

I am a self taught photographer who started with nothing but a little point and shoot I rescued from the waste basket.  A love of adventure for the sake of it combined with the opportunity to finally document some of what I see lead to many years of self-directed study so I can better convey the wonder of these places.

Along the way I occasionally indulge myself by attempting some animal portraiture, with mixed results.



Please note that many of the places I have been are well documented, well traversed places, but even in that I am choosing to not disclose locations for a variety of reasons than can often be summed up with the words “safety and preservation”.  The easier places you can figure out on your through a clever use of the internet and context clues, as to the rest, it is better they are left to be as they are.  If you do find them, congratulations.



3 thoughts on “Welcome”

      1. Oh, and thanks for following too. You should poke around a bit. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Sometime last year, i celebrated five years of posting. Ray


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